We perform Lockout Tagout Training (Arc Flash Training) for all employees to make sure that they know how comply with OSHA requirements but more importantly remain safe in the workplace. Proper Lockout Tagout Training protects workers who are performing maintenance or service to machinery. LOTO protects employees who may be exposed to injuries from the unexpected startup of the machinery or the release of stored energy in the equipment. We perform training in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

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Does My Company Need Lock out Tag out Training?

General Industry workers performing maintenance on machines or equipment who may be exposed to the unexpected startup or release of hazardous energy need to follow the LOTO procedures. Any servicing to equipment whose energy source is one of the following requires Lockout Tagout training:

  • Electrical EnergyLockout Tagout Training
  • Mechanical Energy
  • Hydraulic Energy
  • Pneumatic Energy
  • Chemical Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Potential energy

LOTO 2021 (Lock Out Tag Out Training) methods are required when constructing, installing, adjusting, inspecting, modifying, maintaining equipment, servicing machines or equipment, lubricating, cleaning or unjamming, and making adjustments or tool changes, where employees could be exposed to the unexpected energization or startup of the equipment or release of hazardous energy.

What is Lockout Tagout Training (LOTO)?

The Lockout Tagout Training 2020 standard requires the adoption and implementation of procedures to shut down equipment, disconnect energy sources, and prevent the release of hazardous energy while maintenance is being performed. It requires employers to follow a minimum standard to be considered LOTO but then gives them some flexibility to develop programs that are suitable for their respective facilities.

What Must the Employer Document for Energy Control Procedures?

Procedures must follow the rules, authorization, and techniques the employer will use to harness and control hazardous energy. The procedures must include:

  • A specific statement of the intended use of the procedure.
  • Steps for shutting down, isolating, blocking, and securing machines.
  • Steps for the procedure to remove and transfer lockout and tagout devices, including a description of who has responsibility for them.
  • Requirements for testing the machine or equipment to determine the effectiveness of lockout devices, tagout devices, and other energy control measures.

Why Do Employees Need to be Trained?

Everyone working on or near these machines need to understand the purpose of the lockout tagout 2020 method. Without proper knowledge of the LOTO method, employees may lack the skills necessary for the safe application, usage, and removal of the energy controls.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines three different types of employees.

  1. Authorized employees- these employees must receive training on the recognition of hazardous energy sources, type and magnitude of energy in the workplace, and the methods necessary for energy isolation and control.
  2. Affected Employees- these employees must receive training on the purpose and use of the energy control procedures.
  3. Other employees- anyone whose work activities may be in an area where energy control procedures may be utilized. This includes restarting machines that are locked or tagged out.

When Do Employees Need to be Retrained?

Employees should be retrained when there are changes to the current procedures. This may include a change in job assignments, change in machines, change in energy control procedures, inspections reveal deviations from energy control procedure, or when the employer believes there are inadequacies in the employees knowledge. In the latter case, training is needed to reestablish proficiency or introduce new control methods.

Engineered Electric Services offers Lockout Tagout 2020 Training as well as other forms of training, including train the trainer, to prevent the risk of hazardous energy harming an employee. We offer Lockout Tagout training and Arc Flash Analysis in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. You can contact us by clicking here.

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