With Thermographic Imaging, we can inspect and test your electrical system to ensure uninterrupted service and the clean power you need for today’s high tech equipment and computers.

Loose connections, power fluctuations, and harmonic levels can cause failures, safety problems and catastrophic damage. Our state-of-the-art methods and Thermal Imaging Analysis can identify these problems before they occur.

We are your single source for complete electrical service, electrical consulting, electrical maintenance, and new construction. If you have an electrical problem now, or you’d like to schedule a preventative maintenance program, call us today.


Preventive/Predictive Maintenance – Thermographic Imaging Florida

What is Thermographic Imaging?
• It is a method of detecting radiance or heat of a surface without contact to the object being measured.
• An image or picture is created by combining many radiance measurements and converting them to an intensity value.
• The more radiance or heat the object surface has the brighter it is represented in the image.
What Can Detecting Radiance Or Heat Do For Me?
• Identify restrictions to electrical current flow which cause failures and nuisance tripping. (Most common form of infrared inspection).
• Identify mechanical issues such as bearing wear, improper lubrication and misalignment.
Why Should I Use Thermal/Infrared Imaging?
• Reduce forced maintenance shut-downs.
• Reduce associated production losses.
• Repair components prior to complete failure.
• Reduce required repair time.
• Reduce repair costs.
High Voltage Electrical Inspections
• Failures often cause complete plant shut- down.
• Repairs can be time consuming.
• Many facilities lack repair parts inventory.
• High failure costs.
• Failures are usually less common.
Low Voltage Electrical Inspections
• Failures seldom cause complete plant shut- down.
• Failures are usually more common due to higher loading %.
• Compounded costs over time can be significant.
Mechanical Inspections
• Less common than electrical inspections.
• Cause and effect generally less understood than electrical systems.
• Has definite benefits but is often limited by restricted access.
What Should I Expect In A Thermographic Imaging Florida Inspection?
• Thorough inspection, good work ethic.
• Good image quality for easier problem identification.
• Trained & experienced technician for both the inspected equipment and infrared imaging.
• Thorough & convenient documentation.
How Expensive Is Infrared Equipment?
• High resolution non-Radiometric or low resolution thermographic imagers range from ~$20,000.00 to $35,000.00.
• Radiometric and high resolution thermographic imagers range from $35,000.00 to $55,000.00.
How Expensive Are Infrared Inspection Services?
• Usually based on daily rates of $600.00 to $1,000.00 plus expenses.
• Number of days dependent on size of facility, equipment integrity and thoroughness of inspection.
• Frequency of inspection depends on utilization and operating environment.
How Can I Contact Engineered Electric Services for Thermographic Imaging Florida?
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