Water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities have often been seen as exempt from the requirements of arc flash standards. This mindset is quickly changing among many of the industry leaders in water management, as the cost of having an arc flash hazard analysis done is negligible when compared to the cost of having an arc flash accident due to disregarding proper maintenance. 

In a high-demand industry such as wastewater, many water treatment facilities must remain fully operational to produce the amount of clean water that is needed to supply their customers. This can make maintenance difficult to schedule and cause important safety controls to be overlooked. Without the ability to properly lock out and tag out equipment, it is important that wastewater facilities have proper preventative maintenance procedures in place.

 Unfortunately, the inability to have complete power outages means it is common for employees to work on energized equipment. This can be dangerous and increases the chance of someone being injured from an arc flash. Any kind of equipment malfunction can cause a treatment plant to shut down, but few are as dangerous to the individual and the organizations reputation as an arc flash accident.

An arc flash accident is very difficult to predict. While there are ways to mitigate risk there is none as productive as having preventative maintenance and proper safety training for qualified persons working on your equipment. Train the Trainer level of education for Arc Flash Training is available.

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